Roping Since 1949

Michigan Ropers Association

Michigan Ropers Association Inc. was founded in 1949 with the purpose of preserving the art and skill of handling stock by means of a lariat or rope while on horseback.   It is our aim to advance the sport to a well-organized and equally well-conducted contest that is family-oriented, and that everyone can enjoy.  The MRA would like to grow the sport of roping, and to ensure that every contestant desiring to learn to rope, or to rope in a contest, has the best opportunity for success, and a fair and equal chance. 

The MRA proudly focuses on the development of their youth, and on recruiting new members from all disciplines. Each spring the MRA promotes a beginner roping school to grow the sport. You can also find many of our higher numbered members competing in PRCA, IPRA, and Mid-States Rodeos around the country. The MRA has historically followed the USTRC numbering system closely, but its board of directors rates all members annually to ensure that our divisions fit our organization, and that all members have a place to rope and be competitive. 

The MRA will sanction, in partnership with its core group of outstanding stock contractors, more than 40 weekend events of team roping and calf roping a year. Some summer weekends are scheduled as both Saturday and Sunday events, and you will find fun-filled Holiday Blow-Outs planned specifically for our members around the big summer holiday weekends. The MRA championship season begins the first weekend after Labor Day each year, and culminates with our State Championship Finals Weekend in the middle of the following September each year. The season is always celebrated with an annual membership banquet and awards ceremony where we have historically been successful enough to provide dinner and present over $20,000 in saddles, buckles, and other prizes to our top members in every division. The Michigan Ropers Association is focused on the growth of roping and the inclusion of family! Come rope with us!